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All of our boxes are handmade.  You will find the high quality fit and finish make them keepsakes to be passed along for generations.  The mounting system we use is very pleasing when you open the box to look inside.  Four small matching wood strips are slid into slots in the sides of the box. This allows you to use a coloured or patterned mat as a backing material, and there are no unsightly nails or staples to work with.

All boxes come with glass, foam core (to mount your stitching), and two mat board backers.  The lids are hinged with two brass hinges.

All sizes are available in oak and walnut.  

Available sizes (these are the approximate inside stitch area):

bullet3"                $35.00
bullet4"                $37.00
bullet5"                $43.00
bullet5 x 6.5"      $51.00
bullet4 x 7"         $51.00
bullet6"                $55.00
bullet7"                $60.50

Custom sizes are also available.


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